3rd International Workshop on Small-Drone Surveillance, Detection and Counteraction Techniques


in conjunction with 17th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveillance (AVSS) 2020, September 22nd-25th, Washington DC, USA

Important Message:

Due to COVID-19 pandemic (Coronavirus), IEEE AVSS 2020 has been cancelled.

However, the “drone-vs-bird” challenge has been run.

Join for free the virtual edition of the International Workshop on Small-Drone Surveillance, Detection and Counteraction Techniques (WOSDETC, https://wosdetc2020.wordpress.com) including results of the 3rd “drone-vs-bird” challenge. Meet you on Sep. 3rd at 2pm CEST via Microsoft Teams

In the last few years the popularity of small Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and more generally (also autonomous) “drones”, has exponentially increased due to the availability of low-cost off-the-shelf products, including build-from-scratch and DIY kits. At the same time, issues regarding safety, privacy and security aspects are arising. There is inded a gap in current surveillance systems for the detection of such flying systems, which can be used for illegal activities such as smuggling of drugs or espionage, as well as for carrying explosives or chemical weapons. Their low cost and very small radar signature is making them, unfortunately, a favourite platform for terrorists. Several surveillance and detection technologies are under investigation at the moment, including LIDAR, passive acoustic sensors, passive radio detection and video analytics. However, several challenges must be faced to lower the probability of false alarm, increase the surveillance range and detection rate, as well as to promptly put into action the most appropriate countermeasures according to the operating scenario.

This workshop aims at bringing together researchers from both academia and industry, to share recent advances in the field of small-drone surveillance, detection and counteraction techniques.

Research papers are solicited in, but not limited to, the following areas topics:

  • dim target detection
  • surveillance systems for small drones
  • visible, infrared, SWIR, and gated camera solutions for small drone surveillance
  • video analytics for detection and classification of small targets
  • data fusion approaches for detection performance enhancement
  • GPS spoofing and anti-spoofing techniques
  • advanced control techniques to prevent drone misuse
  • data link security for remote control of drones
  • low-risk countermeasures for drones

Join the grand challenge!

The workshop is connected to the challenge on drone-vs-bird detection.

The best paper will be published in the conference proceedings and may be also presented in the workshop day session; other interesting papers might also be accepted for publication.

Moreover, a paper resuming the overall detection/tracking results will be published in the main conference including the name of all participant to the challenge.

Contact at: angelo.coluccia@unisalento.it

Past Editions: 

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